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ActionAid E-Learning course on "Violence and Sexual Harassment in the World of Work"

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ActionAid Arab Region's first E-Learning course is now available! The course, in Arabic, covers the topic of violence and sexual harassment in the world of work.

ActionAid Arab Region is proud to present its new E-Learning course on "Violence and Sexual Harassment in the World of Work". The course intends to provide capacity building for workers, employers, civil society members and Ministry of Labor staff on the International Labour Organization Convention No.190 and Recommendation No.206.

The course includes a module on sexual harassment, including its legal aspect in labor law and in the international sphere. It also talks about the effects of violence and harassment in the world of work and good practices that formal and informal actors must take to protect workers from violence and harassment in the world of work.

The course, in Arabic, can be freely accessed by anyone at the following link:

Future trainings on the same topic will further be elaborated to deepen to user's knowledge about this crucial issue.

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How to access the course:

In order to access the course platform, users will have to click on the following link:

The next step is to create an account, by filling the information required and receiving an email of confirmation (do not forget to check your Spam email box for the confirmation email). After the creation of your account, you can now start the course. Enjoy!


Structure of the course:

The course is composed of 10 videos and two tests. User will have to watch each video and complete the tests with a minimum score of 50% to complete the course and receive their certificate. At the end of the course, users will also be asked to fill-in a short form to give their feedback on the course and to let us know which topic they are the most interested in for the next course.

Launching event 29 May 2022

Launching event

On 29 May 2022, we organised the launching event of the E-Learning course, in the Geneva Hotel in Amman. The event was the occasion for the course organisers and trainers to meet with the audience, composed of trade union representatives, workers, civil society members and officials. The course was officially presented, with its different features and objectives.

The launching event was also the occasion for the public to ask questions about the topic of violence and sexual harassment in the world of work. Views were exchanged in a fruitful and friendly spirit. People attending the event registered their email in the attendance sheet and were the first to receive the link in order to start the course.

Launching event 29 May 2022_