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ActionAid International ("AAI," "ActionAid", “the Federation”, "We", "Us", "Our") understands and values the importance of individual privacy. At ActionAid We are strongly committed to protecting the

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Fighting rape laws in Jordan and Lebanon

It’s hard to believe that in 2017 it is legal to rape a woman and face no charge. But sadly, it’s true.

I will occupy an important position someday! Saba’Khalayleh 25-year-old young women from Zarqa, Jordan

ActionAid works with local communities in the Arab region to develop the capacity of women and young leaders to advocate for their rights. In addition, the organization works with Syrian refugee

For the Love of Voluntary Work

Raheil Barakat, is a 22-year-old young women with a passion towards voluntary work. She is a participant in ActionAid’s Arab Region projects “Strengthening youth civic and political engagement in


Battle Field of a Single Mother

Elham is a Lebanese single mother for four children, based on Bekka eastern Lebanon. Elham lost her ability to walk on her way back home from work, weather conditions were harsh in Bekka recently and

Youth Perspectives on Community Cohesiveness: Research Project by ActionAid United Communities

“Youth Perspectives on Community Cohesiveness” is an ActionAid Arab Regional Initiative (ARI) research report commissioned under the United Communities project. The United Communities Project is a


Ruba Ahmad

Ruba Ahmad is the advocacy officer at ActionAid Arab Region

Launch of the "EU Support to CSOs -Promoting Feminist Leadership to Combat Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Jordan" Project

the launch of the project "EU Support to CSOs -Promoting Feminist Leadership to Combat Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Jordan" which is a project implemented by ActionAid Arab Region and supported

Latifa Mohamed Mheiemed (33) A mother of 7 children (Originally from Homs, Syria, now in Mafraq, Jordan)

Latifa fled to Jordan with her 7 children crossing the borders after heavy shelling hit their area and her 15 year old daughter Jasmine become physically paralysed with shock. They left home in search

Rahaf Khalifa (39) From Exclusion to Empowerment (Originally from Syria, now in Zarqa, Jordan)

Rahaf is one of a group of women in the women’s circles that ActionAid has been working with through our Community Based Social Protection project working with Syrian refugees and host communities in