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Ola’s devotion towards children

Ola Mohammad

Ola first experience as a volunteer was at ActionAid Community Center in Zarqa, she graduated with a psychological counseling degree. She said: “I consider myself really good when dealing with children, and my studies helped a lot in that matter. It is quite difficult to find a job after graduation, so this opportunity opened doors for Ola, “ActionAid helped gain experience, and from there I started working with other INGOs as volunteer”, she said. 


The psychosocialactivities are mainly prepared by the volunteer facilitators, Ola has demonstrated a clear ideas and methods that are suitable for children. “I believe that children are full of energy whcih can be used in a smart way, and these sessions is a great tool to apply different activities in order to improve their behavior and well-being”, Ola said. She handled three session per week with 25 child in each session, with her having a psychological background she always try and grasp the children attitudes and behavior in a different way, she explained: “the most interesting activities are the physical ones because in that way talents will be revealed. 


Volunteers usually focus on activities related to confidence, leadership, and other basic phycological elements. Ola is proud because she was able to create a change in each child’s personality and behavior, “I remember an 8 year old child with a really unsociable personality, and with my determination I was able to let him stand in front of everyone to preset his art work”, Ola said. 

Youth are trained on different techniques and methods to handle different child behaviors. In addition, they are also trained on leadership skills, supporting them to take more of a role in their communities by leading campaigns or community initiatives to improve social cohesion amongst Syrian refugee and host communities. The aim is to create more cohesive communities for the children’s future. 


The psychosocialactivities implemented in ActionAid’s community center in Zarqa governorate north Jordan, aim to increase children's social and psychological well-being, through objected oriented activities using art tools (Art (drawing), Drama/ Theatre, Music/ RAP, and Puppets Theatre), in order to process difficult memories and find strength to believe in the future and trust their own abilities. Activities are led by a trained youth facilitator.

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