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Nazeh Shukri from Zarqa - Jordan

Nazeh never missed an opportunity to empower himself, he always searched for workshops, trainings, and seminars to level up his knowledge and career living within a marginalized community. Along with being a youth activist, he is a volunteer with the psychosocial support project in ActionAid Arab Region Zarqa Community Center. A founder of “Youth 2030 Network”, a network with an aim to increase the youth participation within their community, “it was a dream to create a network like that in Zarqa, which revolved around sustainable development principles”, Nazeh said.  

In March 2019 Nazeh participated in ActionAid’s Training of the Trainers for campaigning workshop. The seven days training took place in Amman, targeting young men and women from three governorates (Karak, Zarqa, Amman), on how to train other to develop campaigns and advocacy. 

As a master student majoring in Social Work, Nazeh said about the training that “as a young man studying Social Work, I believe that being trained to be campaign trainer is essential to my experience and added value to my studies and career.”

The basic tools and elements of campaigns and advocacy were laid down during the training, while giving detailed attention on the youth work which is currently taking place in the participants communities. , 

“everyone would have his own perception and pervious work experience on advocacy and campaigns. This training endorses these perceptions in a practical way”, Nazeh said. The “Campaigns Training of Trainer” which is part of ActionAid’s national campaign that is part of “Strengthening youth civic and political engagement in Jordan” project funded by DAPP, focus around the negative perceptions of youth within their communities. This was a key finding of a  study conducted by ActionAid Arab Region in 2017

The training was one of the steps to help engage youth work on changing the negative image. Nazeh added: “we need to focus more on the real work of young men and women, this image is developed by the elderlies in the communities and highlighting the youth work to them on the ground will help in reducing the concept of negative image”. 

62% of Jordan population are young men and women, “it’s fine to have a marginalized community but the problems lay on the ability to have access to resources and this what we should focus on”. A much larger number of young men and women will be trained by the youth who were part of the training of trainers, they will lead the process of training their community counterparts on advocacy and the campaigns. 


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