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For the Love of Voluntary Work

Raheil Barakat, is a 22-year-old young women with a passion towards voluntary work. She is a participant in ActionAid’s Arab Region projects “Strengthening youth civic and political engagement in

Latifa Mohamed Mheiemed (33) A mother of 7 children (Originally from Homs, Syria, now in Mafraq, Jordan)

Latifa fled to Jordan with her 7 children crossing the borders after heavy shelling hit their area and her 15 year old daughter Jasmine become physically paralysed with shock. They left home in search


A Teacher with High Hopes

Four years ago, Bayd’a left her home town Syria and moved to Lebanon, she settled in Jeb Jannine located in the Beqaa Valley, the journey to a better and safe life was brutal.

Fatima Slbaskar (55) Lost her son in Syria (Originally from Homs, Syria, now in Mafraq, Jordan)

Fatima who has diabetes fled to Jordan in May 2013,  with her 3 of her children, after her son was killed in a bomb attack and another son went missing. She is now living on UN food vouchers and had

I wish I can go back to school

Maha Ahmad was in the first grade when she and her family left their home town Syria and fled to Jordan; their journey to safety was terrifying. Maha’s found the light when she started attending the

Rahaf Khalifa (39) From Exclusion to Empowerment (Originally from Syria, now in Zarqa, Jordan)

Rahaf is one of a group of women in the women’s circles that ActionAid has been working with through our Community Based Social Protection project working with Syrian refugees and host communities in


Malak’s Ambitions Smile

Malak Al Ali a 15-year-old Syrian girl who fled to Lebanon Bekaa with her family when she was 9 years older, her father decided it is not safe anymore to stay in Syria especially that she and her


Battle Field of a Single Mother

Elham is a Lebanese single mother for four children, based on Bekka eastern Lebanon. Elham lost her ability to walk on her way back home from work, weather conditions were harsh in Bekka recently and

A big change in a little boy’s life

Zain Meshreef fled Syria to Jordan with his family when he was a baby; their journey to safety was tough and long . Zain’s shy personality was transformed when he started attending psychosocial